Compay - Quality Control

Evaluation system for Vendor

AUAL must evaluate all suppliers before doing business to make a mutual benefit & win-win relationship.                                                                                                                         
---- Evaluation includes: supplier scale, finance situation, quality system, product quality, production capacity, lead time and after sales service etc.

----  All suppliers need to sign a quality guarantee and some similar contracts with AUAL.

---- Monthly evaluation for improving development and cooperation with vendor.

Quality management system

Each staff requires to be trained for each procedure, everybody have right to stop the product lines in case of any big problem happened.  Accomplishing strict quality management system and make sure the product quality.

Next procedure supervise following procedure ( just like buyer and seller’s relation)

Supervise each other and guarantee the top quality.

100% inspection

AUAL adopts 100% inspection for every procedure.

6S management

6S includes: Clear up, neaten, clearing, cleaning, orderliness, insistent.  Orderly working environment improving efficiency & lower cost.

Quality target

Making complete quality target:

QC passed rate for finished goods: 99%

Inferior rate: 3%

Complaint from clients: 1%

Using straight illustration for every workshop for strict operation.  

Complete after sales service

AUAL  not only supplies products but also whole service system.


Quality (Honesty + Reliability) System

Honesty + Reliability is the TRUMP why AUAL win the clients worldwide.

We always keep the customer informed all problems happened during the production & test.  In order to customer know all situations and lower the loss.

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