X8 Omni-mobile
AUAL X8 Omni-mobile is designed to provide high-quality sound reinforcement for events of small to medium-sized mobile performance. It is also an easy to set up, operate & Install compact speaker system. The basic set of X8 Omni-mobile System comprises 5 components, 4 way - HF, MF, LF plus an 18” Sub. Each channel equips DSP enabling users can adjust setting of each channel via PC. Meanwhile, Crossover, Delay, Phase, Limiter & EQ included in built-in DSP module. These configurations enable X8 Omni-mobile an easy operation & installation speaker system, as well as excellent sound. The built-in Switch power amplifier module features X8 Omni-mobile a light weight but high power system with remarkably natural and nearly distortion-free reproduction at high sound pressure levels. For small to medium-sized venues, AUAL X8 Omni-mobile is absolutely a plug and play and extremely cost-efficient compact system. Just let AUAL X8 Omni-mobile finish your job!

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