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DA Karaoke amplifier is an ideal solution for KTV system. MITSUBISHI 48 bit digital effect IC is adopted and providing joyful experience of singing.  Up to 350W mono output power ensures an adequate power reservation, which delivers a vocal sound.

· Intelligent dual effect IC

· Advanced LCD display, simple and clear controlling menu

* Unique metal craft makes a nice front panel

· Latest 48 bit dual reverb effects circuit, easy to singwith natural and delicate tone.

· 6 band of MIC EQ, BBE music processor with 3 band EQ and phase adjustment      

* Vocal output at central speaker, with independent balance / effect / volume adjustment, makes more accurate acoustic positioning

· Stereo return circuit, compatible for external effect processors.

· Full-function remote control, with 6.3φS-port terminal signal output linking to VOD system.

· Independent volume for surrounding speakers adjustment, low frequency adjustment and output

* Auto volume detection at amp activation.  Music and microphone starting volume upon amp activation and master volume can be freely preset and recorded. Maximum volume limitation can be preset.

· Equipped with program support.


Model DA160 DA360 DA860
Power (W) 230W+230W 230W×2+230Wcentre 230W×2+230Wcenter+150W×2surround
Audio Input 4-system input, 2-way music volume control
MIC Input 5-system: front 3, rear 2, with MIC volume control
Effect Output 1 groupMONO output and return
Bass Signal Output 1 groupwith FREQ and volume control
VOD Control 1 groupS-port terminal
Power Supply 220V-50HZWith a group of power socket and fuse
Dimension   HWDmm) 130×430×398
Shipping HWD(mm)  229×510×470
NW/GW(kg) 15.5/16 16.5/17 17.5/18

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